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Finalister i tävlningen Nike Rock Victorious Instructor 2010

Finalister i tävlingen Nike Rock Victorious Instructor 2010

Det är en vecka kvar tills de 10 bidragen till Nike Top Instructor 2011 ska publiceras på nätet för omröstning.

Jag grävde hemma i mitt video-arkiv och har nu lagt upp samtliga oklippta finalprestationer från tävlingen, som avgjordes på Nike-konventet i Frescatihallen i Januari 2010.

Vinnaren i tävlingen blev Sandra Börjesson från Göteborg med sin afrohouse-klass.

Sofie Näslund

Annica Bottne

Louise Stapel

Sandra Börjesson

Bedros Kabranian

Visst vore kul att få se hur det har gått för samtliga instruktörer ovan, under året som har gått?

Jag har fått äran att få följa en av dem och utvecklingen är fantastisk. Det blir även spännande att se hur det har gått för resten av finalist-gänget och övriga uttagna instruktörer som vi fick rösta om förra året. Många av dem var så duktiga – det fick mig att inspireras.


Med inspiration från Åsa Ehrnholm, Jessica Clarén, Louise Stapel, Åsa Eriksson, Åsa Fornander och Terese Alvén har jag lyckats sammanställa mitt träningsår 2010 i bilder. Jag ska även lägga upp en sammanställning av 2010 i form av youtube-videos och de är många.

Nike-konventet 2010

Group photo of Nike convention 2010 presenters

Gruppfoto på alla fantastiska presentatörer från Nike-konventet 2010

Gruppfoto på alla fantastiska presentatörer från Nike-konventet 2010

Tony Stone hade visst fångat upp det magiska ögonblicket under sin video-dans-klass

Tävlande och juryn från "Nike Top Instructor 2010"

Jag tillsammans med Åsa Eriksson och Dorotka Baburin efter en BodyJam-klass

Mind Over Matter träningsevent i maj

Omid Dadary med sitt Mind Over Matter tränings-event (2010-05-21)

Louise Stapel leder en grym dans-aerobics-klass

Jag efter 6-timmars träning

BodyJam-kvartalsutbildning och release

BodyJam-kvartalsutbildning med Dorotka Baburin och mina sköna instruktörskollegor från Södertälje

Travolta-pos från discodanstema - teamklass på WorldClass Södertälje

Louise Stapel sommarträningsevent

Louise leder sin dans-aerobics till Britney Spears - 123

Louise leder sin dance aerobics

Eroll Dobreva körde sina coola house moves

Les Mills SuperSaturday 2010

Fullpackad Annexet-arena i Globen - BodyPump-klass

Jag och Gandalf Archer (programdirektören för mitt favorit-träningskoncept)

Jag och mitt dans-team från Södertälje inför en dans-tävling, uppe på stora scen i Annexet

Mind Over Matter träningsevent i oktober

Gruppfoto från träningsevent Mind Over Matter i oktober 2010

Jag mitt i house-klassen för Martin Ferretti

Hälsomässan och Best of The Best

Megastor plansch på Åsa Ehrnholm och Jessica Clarén

Åsa Ehrnholm och Sofie Rhodin softar inför BodyCombat-klassen

Per Markussen under sin klass "Burning Love"

Petter Ehrnvall och Pernilla Blomquist under sin BodyCombat-klass

Gästklass på Gympozz i Eskilstuna

Sköna och galna BodyJam freaks från Gympozz

Kvartalsutbildning i BodyJam i december

Sarah Galán från Danmark efter kvartalsutbildningen i BodyJam-55

Jag under house-delen av koreografin, älskar att ta i

Gästklass i Eskilstuna på Gympozz

Jag inför min gästklass på Gympozz (Louise Stapel som fotograferar)

Så här högt ska vi upp

Freestyle och det handlar om att bjuda på sig själv

Önskar er allt gott under 2011 och strunta i nyårslöften – Just Do It, som Åsa Eriksson säger.

Dance aerobics with Louise stapel at WorldClass Nybroplan

Last saturday we’ve danced an old dance aerobics routine. While others were laying on the beach, we gathered in a beatiful white studio at WorldClass Nybroplan. Fortunately it was raining all the weekend in Stockholm so we didn’t bother missing a few sun hours.

We were dancing two classes this afternoon:
First one with Louise Stapel (Lollo) – dance aerobics.
And second one with Eroll Dobreva (Eloli) – house.

Louise Stapel coaching her dance aerobics classEroll Dobreva after house dance class at WorldClass Nybroplan

Louise’s dance session was requested due to an earlier youtube recording of the dance to Britney Spears – 1 2 3. I still get amazed of what Internet can do nowadays. I mean, this is truly one of the best examples of using the internet. What you share here becomes public and persistent i.e. can be discovered, associated, remastered, improved and experienced over and over again.

Britney Spears coreography – January 2010

As I previously have danced Louise’s Britney Spears choreography, I was able to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the event by studying peoples reaction, Louise’s instructing, her coaching and play with the class.

Britney Spears coreography revisited – July 2010

Being an instructor puts your different shoes, places you in the frontline, forces you to work hard, makes you inventing feel-good moves and expects you to put everything together to the right music, in order to get that right feeling. Who said it was easy task, especially when dealing with a large group of skilled and groove hungry dance animals? This might get you a little crazy causing you to become a perfection hunter.

A couple of questions hit me after the class:

– what makes people co-work in the group?
– when is this so called “fitness magic” occur?
– what will I keep in my memories from this moment?

Les Mills has a special word – a coaching goal – Fitness Magic and I think this is exactly what Louise’s classes are about. Training with focus on the quality and fun together.

It’s all about noticing other people and working closer, as a single entity – as a group.

Louise Stapel summer dance 2010 at WorldClass NybroplanLouise Stapel summer dance 2010 at WorldClass NybroplanLouise Stapel summer dance 2010 at WorldClass NybroplanLouise Stapel summer dance 2010 at WorldClass Nybroplan

Now, let’s look at what our wonderful instructor Louise have actually shared with us, during the dance session. Look at the photos and faces of the same person. It’s amazing to notice how many expressions and moments can be captured in the photo.

I think images reveals many qualities of a persons work. Honestly, how many people do you know that can be happy and angry and yelling and coaching and amazed and wondered and funny at the same time?

Not many ha?

Oh wait I forgot the movies and theaters? Right, where people are completely isolated inside their role bubble, hiding their real personality behind a manuscript? Is it really a genuity?
Can it simply be the excellence of being an artist, promoting an alternative personality, building up a personal trademark, creating the fan club and eventually making money of it?

Well, I’d rather prefer simplicity and genuinity (yes I am not alone to invent this word).

I believe genuinity is a part of a star quality – to be able to share everything with your participants including your own misstakes, without any regret.
We tend to push ourselves too often into the perfection trap, focusing on our misstakes and forgetting about all the good stuff that we create.

Just reflect on How much do you value the ability of being genuine?

Showing off a perfection will get me wonder: What’s wrong with that person? Since nobody is perfect, something must be wrong and I just can’t find what it is.

So even if you didn’t nail your coreography perfectly (like their do on So you think you can dance), it doesn’t matter. What you have accomplished will matter, much more. In the end of the day it’s what people will remember of you – your genuinly shared work and memories of those magic moments you’ve spent together on a rainy day.

Enjoy my movies from the dance classes. This time, I’ve tried to capture the essence of the moment rather then focusing on the coreography. Hope you like it.

Eroll’s house coreography – Eroll: you are awesome, man!

Track list from Eroll’s house class
Sebo K – Spirits (drum version)
Young August – common lose
Manoo – Kodjo
Jerome sydenham – koko
Boddhi satva – Punch Koko (ancestral remix)
Masters at work – Shake dat booty
Model 500 – starlight (original mix)
Kerri Chandler – Coro
Ralf Gum – All this love for you (spoken mix)
Iz & Diz – Mouth
Mike Dunn – This here is house music
Mr.V – Circle track
Karizma – All teched out (pt 2)

Try to capture the moments folks and make sure to memorize them.
Vladi at Louise Stapel Summer Dance event at WordlClass Nybroplan

Update: Unfortunately I had to remove some photo URLs due to disagreement with Johan Rosén on the copyright issue. I chose to replace photos with my owns even though it’s not illegal to link tome someones photos. Word of advice: try to use your own photos as often as possible and remember to inform readers about the copyright of your images.

Let’s kick off with some quality blog writings, shall we?

BodyJam 54 DVD kit cover

BodyJam54 cover

An introduction of me as a person and a brief description about my training and instructors skills will come later.

This is my first blog post so please, bear with me. All tips and hints on writing are pretty much appreciated.

I am reading with an excitment Glen’s blogpost about track listings of the upcoming Les Mills programs for Q3 2010. And it’s really fun to investigate.

I am a certified BodyJam instructor since Janury 2010 and being a fluent participant of the program since september 2006. I also love new stuff and laying ahead with fresh news. So imagine my level of excitement for the new release of BodyJam 54 – Yes! I am an addict, live is too short, what a heck, =)

And the reason this release is so special because its presentation as super querterly event in Sweden – Super Saturday, which will be held in one of the biggest arenas in Stockholm – Globen, 4th of September 2010. Fitness party gathering instructors from all over of the scandinavia and some of the baltic countries. This year Super Saturday is also visited by Gandalf Archer – program director of the LesMills BodyJam.

So back to the track list of BodyJam 54 and my opinion on the music, suggested breakdowns and dance styles:
1. Jump (Jump Smokers Remix) – Flo Rida (Feat. Nelly Furtado)

2. Make My Heart – Toni Braxton

3. Cantina – Starkillers
4. Natural Born Hustler feat. Pitbull – Crookers
5. Bombtrack – GhostHunter

Tango – isn’t this obvious?
6. Objection (Tango) – Shakira
7. Whole Lotta Love – Amber Luck

8. Girlfriend (Pied Piper Remix) – B2K

Club house
9. Everybody’s Free (2009 Rework) – Global Deejays feat. Rozalla
10. Cooler Couleur feat. Yelle – Crookers
11. I Will Be Here – DJ Lotus

I’ll be damned if this isn’t a phat remix of Tiësto latest release “I Will Be Here”. Interesting to note that the same song is used as Track 7 of the upcoming release of the BodyPump 75. If you listen to the album version this song you might notice it’s a little too soft being chosen as a final song for the BodyJam release. Final song is always lifting, making participants bursting out in their energy level. I am sure Gandalf & co did a good job to not disappoint us on this. Let us comeback and analyze this later, whenever I know more. I bet sizzler for BodyJam 54 is soon on its way.

12. Put It In A Love Song – Alicia Keys featuring Beyoncé Knowles

If you are a Spotify user, I’ve compiled a quick playlist of the BodyJam 54 songs to start to learn the beats. This is how we instructors catch up with the program, by starting to learn the music.

Many of my instructing collegues will now probably argue with me saying:
“Come on, isn’t this too early, do you really need to know all the details now, don’t you want it be a surprise, so you can enjoy it later?”

and my opinion is:

Shut up and let me enjoy it in my way. I want to master the program I love and I don’t mind to listen to it hundreds of times – that’s the way I am, 😉

Ok party people, enjoy Travolta boombastic BodyJam 53 while it lasts or your own mix or whatever program you are dancing to. This week I am doing BodyJam 53+ and teaming up with my wonderful dance collegue Rebecca Blomstrand.

Here is another fantastic BodyJam instructor – Åsa Fornander, presenting BodyJam 53:

Don’t you want to dance with us? at WorldClass Södertälje – Thursday 18:15, just send me a note.
Vladi after doing BodyJam 53

Me after last thursday BodyJam 53 class